Creating Excellence
In Lead Generation

With roots in media and technology, Spixler generates high-value leads through intelligent content strategies, SEO optimizations, and data-driven marketing. Our agile approach to market demands makes it possible for us to improve and optimize our platforms where it matters.


Optimizing lead generation

Optimizing lead generation through data-driven marketing and SEO activities.

  • Understanding Market Demands
  • Personalized PPC campaigns
  • Enhanced Customer Journey

Conversion is Key to Success

Supported by carefully analyzed data, a strong go-to-market strategy, and a kick-ass team, we will continue to improve performance

  • Increase traffic to all of our assets over time
  • Increase user engagement and satisfaction
  • Increase the number of quality NDCs


Through The Noise.

Spixler owns several fast-growing lead generation assets in iGaming and adjacent verticals, driven by a central team of highly skilled individuals specialized in SEO, tech and content production.


We are using a data-driven approach to optimize the targeting and retargeting of new customers


Creating compelling, high-quality content that will break through the noise


Maximizing SEO power with top-of-the-line technology, content and outreach

Some of our U.S. Brands

The US Online Gaming Market

Is growing fast, and we are well set to capture the opportunity. Spixler’s core team holds industry-leading expertise in the areas of lead generation, conversion, and affiliate marketing, which plays an important role when accelerating growth in a competitive market. 


In a recent report, Ark Invest estimates that the U.S. Sports Betting market will grow from USD 9.5bn in 2021 to USD 37bn by 2025.



We have more than 20 brands targeting some of the biggest markets in the world


Monthly visits

Our Brands have more than 150K Monthly Visits in aggregate


E-mail database

We have an e-mail database of more than 1.3 million customers

Who we are

More than 30 people from around the world are contributing to the success of Spixler

Ryan Gutzler

VP, Head of Content

Jay Sanin

VP, Head of Sports

Mike McDerm

Product SEO

Patrick Baker


Gian Chacko

General Manager, India

Steven Rondina


TJ Calkins


Andreas Ericson

Co-Founder & CEO

Gustav Lipcsey

Co-Founder & CRO


Lead Generation FAQ

Let’s start with what a lead is. A lead is someone who may be interested in what you’re selling. Lead generation, then, is all about finding out who those people are — and helping them find you.

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With roots in media and technology, Spixler generates high value leads through intelligent content strategies and data-driven targeting.

Our agile approach to market demands makes it possible for us to improve and optimize our platforms where it matters.

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